this page was last updated January 15th, 2023

Open Nodes is Open Source

Open Nodes is Open Source, which means that if there’s anything you want to change about Open Nodes, you have the power to do so! Just clone the repository, edit the source, and then build your modified version.

Open Nodes has built in plugin support

Do you want to customize Open Nodes but don’t want to deal with the hassle of building from source? You’re in luck! Open Nodes has built in plugin support, which means that you can add functionality to Open Nodes by creating a plugin file and putting it into the plugins folder.

Open Nodes is inspired by Stick Nodes

If you’re an avid Stick Nodes enjoyer, you’ll feel rigt at home in Open Nodes since the lead dev is also an avid Stick Nodes enjoyer who will take the best aspects of Stick Nodes as inspiration :D

Open Nodes is cross-platform

You can use Open Nodes on the platform of your choice. Open Nodes is written using a bundler called Tauri, which supports bundling for Windows, Mac, and Linux out of the box. Mobile support for Tauri is also planned. To summarize platform support:

Platform Support
Windows Out of the box support
Linux Out of the box support
Mac Out of the box support
Android & iOS Planned support
Console Possible support since Open Nodes may be able to be hosted entirely on a webpage, which could make it playable on various consoles that have a web browser that supports HTML5 and JS.